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VENTUS S-TYPE – introduction to India market

We are proud to announce that our product offer is now enriched with a new product line of Ventus S-TYPE suspended AHUs.

The product specification results from the effort of experienced design engineers and reflects Indian market requirements regarding high cooling performance. The S-TYPE was developed with the use of the state of-the-art technologies, advanced material engineering and innovative construction solutions. Due to this, the VENTUS S-TYPE offers reliability and energy saving.

To perform basic air-cooling functions and features of the product we are using S-M-A-R-T acronym.


Our business model allows us to offer on-shelf product availability.


Advanced technology ensuring excellent rigidity provided by the objects external skin as opposed to internal framing. Known from Formula 1 racing and aviation.


Our innovative solutions enable us to offer competitive price at the highest quality.


Ensured by the 40mm sandwich panel and optimal, VFD compatible direct driven fan-set.


Elimination of leakages thanks to lack of thermal bridges and dedicated condensate management system.

  • We ensure high quality at all stages of product life-cycle, from AHU design, through production, to service assistance. Our VENTUS S-Type units are under 2 years warranty.
  • VTS Group has a network of authorized services to provide the Customers with fast and efficient technical support. Our service teams are always at our Client’s disposal.

Click here: Ventus S-TYPE

Ventus S-TYPE: Be S-M-A-R-T, fulfill your expectations.

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