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Quality and short delivery time, in other words the features ensured by the new HUB in Bangalore

The newly established HUB in Bangalore just like our other HUBs provides customers from Asia with a wider range of possibilities for delivery of the units ordered. This is achieved due to a shipping option for sending the unit as a whole, in packages or in sections and it is up to the customer to decide which is the optimal solution in a particular case. However, it should be noted that it is assembly of the units in sections that brings a lot of benefits to our customers.

Here it is worth mentioning what sections are and what the benefits of assembly of the units in sections are:
Sections are the components of AHUs which at the assembly stage are assembled separately in HUBs and fitted with connectors and fixings which enable the unit to be joined into one assembly on site.
Currently our HUBs provide sectional assembly for the units of sizes from VS 21 to VS 650.

We guarantee consistent quality of our units achieved due to the following:

  • The assembly is carried out by professional and qualified personnel, and additionally each unit is tested and controlled by the Quality Inspector.
  • The housing tightness is tested with water. Each unit is tested for vibrations generated by operating fan assembly.
  • The work flow in the HUB enables us to eliminate impact of adverse environment conditions which often hinder correct assembly of the units. Now, the devices are assembled in places specially designed for this purpose  - on workbenches and with the use of special tools.

Shortened delivery time is possible due to the following:

  • Assembly of units in sections is simple and precise.
  • Assembly of units in sections is shortened, thus the package is delivered to the customer much faster than ever before.
  • The equipment packing process is easier and enables correct marking, which is essential for shortening the unit’s shipment time to the customer’s head offices.
  • The unit assembled in sections is much easier to erect, which means that customers do not have to worry about additional costs related with the erection of the unit ordered.

We are sure that the work flow in the new HUB and the implementation of the sectional assembly option will result in high quality of our units and satisfaction of our customers from that region. The success of our other HUBs proved that this solution provides measurable benefits for both our customers and us.

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